Jan. 17, 2020

Toray International, Inc.

Introducing the New TORAIN™ Website from Toray

TORAIN™ is a breakthrough proprietary garment program from Toray that provides long-lasting waterproof protection, even in extreme conditions. TORAIN ™ sets a new benchmark, delivering unparalleled performance for wide-ranging outdoor sports like mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding and yachting. It is remarkably durable, standing up against deterioration even in harsh conditions. With its longer life cycle, TORAIN™ is a sensible option for sustainability-minded outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers everywhere.
Toray is proud to announce the unveiling of the new TORAIN™ website [ADD LINK]. Months in the making, this new site is a comprehensive guide to TORAIN™ protective weather-resistant garments and the revolutionary technology behind them. Come rain or shine, TORAIN™ technology is built to last—find out how and why here!