Providing Optimized
Garment Solutions

TORAIN comes from Toray, a world leader in supplying cutting-edge materials, including carbon fiber composites for jetliners, polymers and nanofibers for products that were once thought impossible.

TORAIN is a unique one-stop ODM service offered to the apparel industry by Toray. Through our global supply chain, it provides the complete utilization of Toray’s R&D and manufacturing capacities, from polymer and fiber technologies to textile and garment production. This innovative system guarantees the highest-quality product as well as reliable production capacity.

With TORAIN, we are committed to delivering the best in every performance garment we offer outdoor enthusiasts.

Toray’s TECHNORAMA GIII textile and garment development base—completed in 2018—is a top-of-the-line weather-simulation laboratory. It’s allowed us to develop some of the world’s most highly functional textiles, industrial materials and environmentally conscious materials. TECHNORAMA GIII can simulate a diverse range of weather conditions, from extremely low temperatures and low humidity to torrential rain.