TORAIN is smartly designed to provide long-lasting waterproof protection, even in extreme conditions. Why do our weather-resistant garments work so well? Our coating and lamination membrane and seam tape are remarkably durable, standing up against deterioration even in harsh conditions. A membrane on the shell fabric shields from rain and wind while its moisture-permeability ensures breathability.
Plus, we use proprietary seam-sealing technology to securely hold each TORAIN garment together for many years to come. Through it all, you stay dry and comfortable.


We conducted an extensive Jungle Test to measure the durability of TORAIN so we could be certain it is built to last. We wanted to be sure its strength wouldn’t deteriorate, not only in the short term, but also in the long run.
The so-called jungle test puts the garment through demanding conditions with high temperatures (70°C) and extreme humidity (95% RH), all designed to accelerate deterioration. Each one-week mark during the test represents one full year of product usage under normal wear and tear in the “real world.”
Oleic acid (1g/m2) is poured on the fabric interior before putting the sample into the jungle test box. This simulates the effects of sweat and other factors, as well as the degradation of the coating membrane.
During this test, the waterproof membrane in most high-performance outdoor garments will disintegrate over time due to hydrolysis, and wear will cause seam tape to peel off. But not with TORAIN. Its waterproof membrane and seam-sealing tape both survived the jungle test, demonstrating that TORAIN is ready to weather more adventures for years to come.

Please note: The pictures shown here have been adjusted only to make a side-by-side animated comparison. No changes or retouches have been made to enhance the condition of the test swatches in either sample.